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Revised and Expanded Decipherment of the Mounds and Earthworks of the State of Florida Including Mound Key Which is a Map of North America ca. 1150 B.C.

Back to Florida!

So ... you doubt our hypothesis and the massive "mound" of evidence that we have already collected that the ancient world was surveyed by astronomy?

We have a surprise for you.
Let us ask why others have not seen that Mound Key is a map .... ????

Mound Key Island (what is left of the original man-created island topography) clearly is intended as a map of North America ca. 1150 B.C. Check it out. It is not perfect, by any means, but the MAP purpose is clear and without doubt.

Below and in coming postings we revise and expand our previous decipherment of mounds, earthworks, etc. in Florida in the Native America land survey by astronomy.

The overall Florida decipherment below and subsequent individual site decipherments supersede, as applicable, the previous ones. Not only does Florida mark Cetus, as already deciphered, but, as we have since discovered via new mound and earthwork locations found through William N. Morgan's book as cited below, mounds on the upper Atlantic side of Florida also marked stars of Pisces, and the Lake Jackson mounds marked a rectangle of stars just to the left of the head of Cetus at the lower end of Taurus.

We ordered online and several days ago received our own copy of William N. Morgan, Precolumbian Architecture in Eastern North America, Ripley P. Bullen Series, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida Press, Gainesville, FL, 1999,

Because of the maps found there, and subsequent complementary and detailed maps found online, we have been able to solidify our previous decipherment of Florida mounds and earthworks as Cetus, but with a couple of revisions necessitated, and many new identifications. The mound and earthwork decipherments now added have caused us to change our initial decipherment so that Tick Island and Windover are no longer counted to the head of Cetus but to the immediately neighboring stars of Pisces, since Tomoka clearly marks the lower row of stars in Pisces, to which Tick Island must then be counted. We previously placed Tick Island simply on the basis of its geographic location without looking at the site geography itself. That was incorrect.

To our original decipherment map of the mounds of Florida, we have now added the Lake Jackson Mounds, the Tomoka Mounds and Middens in Ormond Beach, Guana River State Park with Sanchez Mound, Little Talbot Island State Park with Grand Mounds, Shields Mound and Grant Mound at the Mill Cove Complex, Mount Royal, Turtle Mound, Philip Earthworks at Lake Marion Creek Wildlife Management Area, Long Key on the gulf side of the Peninsula, Terra Ceia Island and Madira Bickel Mound State Archaeological Site, Big Mound City and the Big Circle Mounds, and Mound Key, decipherments based in part on maps in William N. Morgan's book, as cited above.

The following mound and earthwork sites in Florida mark the following stars and we will be presenting short decipherments of each mentioned site, as possible:
  • The Lake Jackson mounds at the Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park in the Florida Panhandle clearly mark a rectangle of stars on the edge of Cetus and at the extended end of Taurus, i.e. the stars Omicron Tauri and Xi Tauri to the left of the head of Cetus(see also Florida State Parks)
  • Grand Mounds at Little Talbot Island State Park mark the Ecliptic, for, as Morgan writes in the above-cited book: "Three platforms ... and an unusual sand mound to the west ... that rises impressively above the plaza level. A shell midden extends ... to the northwest.... An unusual ramp extends ... from the south mound into the central plaza. The ramp seems to be aligned with the center of the west mound." As we have discovered, that "northwest line" marked the ecliptic.
  • A "fish hook" is formed in shape at the Shields Mound and Grant Mound at the Mill Cove Complex, and those are stars at the head of Pisces
  • Terra Ceia Island and Madira Bickel Mound State Archaeological Site mark the stars Beta Ceti and Chi Ceti together with the ladle-formed stars below and to the left of them
  • Philip Earthworks at Lake Marion show the circle of stars at 34, 38, 39 and 42 Ceti with 34 Ceti the star somewhat "outside" the circle
  • The Tomoka Mounds mark the line of stars at the lower fish, extending from alpha Pisces to the celestial meridian
  • Mount Royal marks the Celestial Meridian in its era
  • The Turtle mounds mark Delta Piscium and 62, 60 Piscium
  • Big Mound City (J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area) and the Big Circle Mounds of the Belle Glade Culture both mark the same stars in Cetus, but apparently in different eras, with the four main stars being Phi1, Phi2, Phi3 and Phi 4 Ceti together with the surrounding stars and covering a large area celestially and territorially with at least 23 mounds.
  • Tick Island marks the cerebral shape of the stars at 41 Piscium and neighboring stars to its right and above it
  • About Long Key, Hillsboro County, it has been written:
    "The mound is described by Mr. S. T. Walker (op. tit., pg. 403, et. seg.) who  also gives a plan of it, and ascribes to it the form of a turtle."
  • Mound Key Archaeological State Park is an island in Estero Bay, north of Naples, and north of Marco Island and the Horr's Island site, and the archaeology there is dated back to ca. 1150 B.C., quoting the Wikipedia: "The Calusa culture is carbon-dated back to 1150 B.C. at Mound Key." It is, quite clearly, a map of North America at around that date.


Individual decipherments of these newly added Florida sites as marking stars of the sky within the previously described system follow via graphic maps.

Revised and Expanded Decipherment of the Mounds and Earthworks of the State of Florida Including Mound Key Which is a Map of North America ca. 1150 B.C.

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    Both book volumes contain the following basic book description:
    "Alice Cunningham Fletcher observed in her 1902 publication in the American Anthropologist
    that there is ample evidence that some ancient cultures in Native America, e.g. the Pawnee in Nebraska,
    geographically located their villages according to patterns seen in stars of the heavens.
    See Alice C. Fletcher, Star Cult Among the Pawnee--A Preliminary Report,
    American Anthropologist, 4, 730-736, 1902.
    Ralph N. Buckstaff wrote:
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    drawing them according to their magnitude.
    The groups were placed with a great deal of thought and care and show long study.
    ... They were keen observers....
    The Pawnee Indians must have had a knowledge of astronomy comparable to that of the early white men."
    See Ralph N. Buckstaff, Stars and Constellations of a Pawnee Sky Map,
    American Anthropologist, Vol. 29, Nr. 2, April-June 1927, pp. 279-285, 1927.
    In our book, we take these observations one level further
    and show that megalithic sites and petroglyphic rock carving and pictographic rock art in Native America,
    together with mounds and earthworks, were made to represent territorial geographic landmarks
    placed according to the stars of the sky using the ready map of the starry sky
    in the hermetic tradition, "as above, so below".
    That mirror image of the heavens on terrestrial land is the "Sky Earth" of Native America,
    whose "rock stars" are the real stars of the heavens, "immortalized" by rock art petroglyphs, pictographs,
    cave paintings, earthworks and mounds of various kinds (stone, earth, shells) on our Earth.
    These landmarks were placed systematically in North America, Central America (Meso-America) and South America
    and can to a large degree be reconstructed as the Sky Earth of Native America."

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