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Distribution of Pictographic Rock Art Sites in Alaska and a Map of Their Decipherment as Astronomy by Location

The distribution of rock art sites in Alaska, U.S.A. is shown in a map at
linked to the article
High Alpine Lakeside Villages and Associated Rock Art in the Brooks Range, Alaska by Scott Shirar, Jeff Rasic, and Eric Carlson at the government NPS (National Park Service) Archeology Program.

We have redrawn that map for our decipherment purposes as follows. In Map 1  we show the sites and in Map 2 we add the decipherment information.

Map 1: Rock Art Sites in Alaska

The rock sites in that map according to our decipherments represent stars in the following groups of stars, going clockwise: Draco and the stars at the center of heaven, Cepheus (above it Cassiopeia), Cygnus with Lyra, Pegasus, Pisces and Cetus. We have marked the appropriate star groups on the map below.

The decipherments are by Andis Kaulins who is not affiliated with the National Park Service (NPS).  Individual sites in Alaska follow in subsequent postings.

Map 2 shows the general decipherment of Alaska rock art sites by location:

 Map 2: Rock Art Sites in Alaska Deciphered by Location

We go to decipherment of individual sites in subsequent postings.

For general information.... The name "Alaska" is said to come from the Russian version of the Aleutian viz. Aleut Indian word "Alakshak" viz. "Alaxsxaq" meaning "mainland", "great lands", "shore" or "peninsula" in various versions of alleged meaning said to apply in ancient days to the continental North American land mass from the Aleutians to present day Yukon Territory. See:
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The Great Mound, Petroglyph and Painted Rock Art Journey of Native America

Distribution of Pictographic Rock Art Sites in Alaska and a Map of Their Decipherment as Astronomy by Location

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