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Sky Earth Native America Has Now Been Published in TWO Volumes as Edition 2: Table of Contents for Volume 1

Sky Earth Native America 1: American Indian Rock Art Petroglyphs Pictographs Cave Paintings Earthworks & Mounds as Land Survey & Astronomy, Volume 1, Edition 2, 266 pages, by Andis Kaulins. Publication Date: September 20, 2015. Language: English. List Price: $49.99. Trim Size 7" x 10" inches viz. 17.78 x 25.4 cm. Full Color on White paper. 266 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1517396817978-(CreateSpace-Assigned). ISBN-10: 1517396816. BISAC: History / Americas. Create Space Title ID: 5745812.

Table of Contents by Page and Subject for VOLUME 1, Edition 2
  • page 3 - Table of Contents: Volume 1
  • page 11 - Preface
  • page 13 - Prologue 1: The History of Civilization: Winston Churchill on the Rule of Law as a Prerequisite to Human Progress
  • page 15 - Prologue 2: Anthropomorphic Rocks Featured in America's 1st Surrealist Film, Object Lesson, already in the year 1941
  • page 22 - Prologue 3: Book Publications by the Author on Law, Legal History, and Ancient Astronomy and Land Survey
  • page 26 - The Great "Google Earth" Image Mystery
  • page 27 - The Great "Google Earth" Image Mystery: Hints to Solution
  • page 29 - Judaculla Rock Cherokee Dividings : Research Beginnings
  • page 30 - Starry Night Pro as our Astronomy Software for Research
  • page 31 - Judaculla Rock Decipherment 1
  • page 33 - Petroglyphs of North Carolina and Georgia Mark Stars
  • page 36 - Two Petroglyph Boulders of Northeast Georgia near Helen Mark Stars of Canis Major, Canis Minor, Orion & Taurus
  • page 38 - Allen Rock Petroglyphs in Habersham County, Georgia USA Mark Stars of the Heavens Principally Orion
  • page 41 - Hiawatha: Holder of the Heavens: A Solution to The Great Google Earth Image 34.890653 -83.880198 Mystery
  • page 46 - Hiawatha as Atlas and Orion, the Iroquois Aron-Hiawagon with Hiawagon = Hiawatha, the "Holder of the Heavens"
  • page 49 - Prehistoric Mankind's Primary Technologies Were Rooted in Astronomy; Economies Were Based on Land & Property
  • page 51 - The Great Mound, Petroglyph and Painted Rock Art Journey of Native America Begins! [Posting #1 of this Series]
  • page 52 - Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex Moundsville West Virginia Marks Cygnus [Posting #2 of this Series]
  • page 55 - The Center of the Mound System of Native America: Great Serpent Mound, Newark, Chillicothe [#3 of the Series]
  • page 58 - The North Ecliptic Pole and Draco as Marked by the Newark Earthworks in Ohio [#4]
  • page 61 - Draco and the Hopewell Mounds of the Mound City Necropolis in Chillicothe, Ohio [#5]
  • page 62 - Precession: North Celestial Pole and Ursa Minor as Marked by Mounds and Earthworks in Chillicothe, Ohio [#6]
  • page 68 - Criel Mound Dunbar South Charleston West Virginia Mark Stars of Cepheus and North Celestial Pole in ca. 300 BC [#7]
  • page 71 - Wolf Plains Mounds of Ohio as Southeasterly Stars of Draco Near the North Ecliptic Pole [8th]
  • page 73 - Google Earth Pro Free as of February 1, 2015
  • page 73 - The Paint Creek Valley Mounds, Seip and Baum Earthworks, and Fortified Hill in Ohio as Stars of Ursa Major near the Big Dipper and North Celestial Pole [#9]
  • page 76 -The Great Serpent Mound in Ohio Marks Stars of Draco & Mounds and Earthworks Help to Calculate Precession [#10]
  • page 83 - Effigy Mounds National Monument, Harpers Ferry, Iowa, as Stars of Libra, Boötes, Ursa Major, Perseus, Pleiades [#11]
  • page 87 - Effigy Mounds at Poverty Point, West Carrol Parish, Louisiana as Astronomy: Thunderbird of the Pleiades [#12]
  • page 90 - Poverty Point Needs Review [#13]
  • page 91 - Painting in Cave of Indian, Tamaulipas, Burgos Municipality, Mexico, Marks Taurus, Orion ca. 2300 B.C. [#14]
  • page 96 - John Bedell on Aztec Surveying & Ancient Civilizations: Land Survey and Astronomy Drove Mathematical Progress
  • page 96 - Las Labradas Petroglyphs Baja California Sur Mexico Mark Tropic of Cancer Summer Solstice Canis Major [#15]
  • page 101 - Sierra de San Francisco El Vizcaino Reserve Baja California Sur in Mexico: Rock Art as a Sky Map ca. 1000 B.C. [#16]
  • page 105 - A Baseline X,Y Axis for An Ancient Native North America Land Survey with a Portrait of an Astronomical Land Surveyor as an Ollama Game Player on Tlachtli [#17]
  • page 109 - Etowah Ocmulgee Lamar Mounds Georgia Mark Summer Solstice ca. 1200 A.D. and 1450 A.D. Respectively [#18]
  • page 112 - Great Thunderbird Challenge for World's Archaeologists, Astronomers Archaeoastronomers: 1 Petroglyph 60 Stars!
  • page 115 - The State of Modern Archaeology and Astronomy: Thundering Acclaim for the Thunderbird Challenge or Not?
  • page 123 - Y-Axis of Native North America Land Survey - Herschel, Saskatchewan Canada to Ancient Sites in Mexico [#19]
  • page 128 - The Bottom of the Y-Axis of the Ancient Native North America Land Survey by Astronomy in Mexico: Monte Alban, Santos Reyes Nopala, Mitla, Rio Copalita [#20]
  • page 132 - Rock Art Sites of Southern Saskatchewan, Canada, Mark Stars of Scorpio and Autumn Equinox ca. 3000 B.C. [#21]
  •  page 134 - Herschel Petroglyphs, Monoliths & Rocks Mark Primarily Stars of Scorpio and Autumn Equinox ca. 3000 B.C. [#22]
  • page 139 - Herschel Petroglyphs Monolith #1 as Sky Map ca. 3000 B.C. and Survey Plan of Ancient Native North America [#23]
  • page 143 - Herschel Petroglyphs Monolith #2 Marks Stars at Head of Scorpio Marking Autumn Equinox ca. 3000 B.C. [#24]
  • page 146 - Herschel Petroglyphs Monolith #3 Marks Scorpio [#25]
  • page 148 - Thunderbird of Roche Percée Petroglyphs of Saskatchewan Canada Marks Stars Below Hydra by Canis Major[#26]
  • page 153 - Temple of Seven Dolls Dzibilchaltun Merida Marks Front Shield Stars of Orion at Celestial Equator ca. 200 B.C. [#27]
  • page 157 - Mitla in Oaxaca Mexico Marks Stars of Lepus Columba [#28]
  • page 159 - Palenque Chiapas Mexico Marks the Stars of Columba [#29]
  • page 161 - Texas Man-With-Raised-Arms Petroglyph Marks Stars of Taurus at Palo Duro Canyon (2nd largest in USA) [#30]
  • page 164 - North Dakota Mounds at Valley City State University Medicine Wheel Park Mark Stars of Serpens Caput and Ophiuchus and the Autumn Equinox in ca. 3000 B.C. [#31]
  • page 166 - The Megalith of Cañon el Porvenir Zaragoza, Coahuila, Mexico near the Twin Peaks of Los Picos de Davis and near Del Rio, Texas Marks Gemini ca. 3000 B.C. [#32]
  • page 170 - Rock Art Sites in Southwestern Arizona Mark Stars of Leo and the Summer Solstice ca. 3000 BC at Quitobaquito [#33]
  • page 173 - Toltec Mounds Arkansas Mark Stars of Auriga as a Boat, plus Milky Way, Galactic Equator & Galactic Meridian [#34]
  • page 175 - Spiro Mounds in Oklahoma Mark Stars Between Gemini Auriga and Lynx and Mark the Galactic Meridian [#35]
  • page 177 - Cahokia Mounds Platforms & Palisades Mark Stars of Ursa Major as a Bow-and-Arrow Wielding "Galactic" Hunter [#36]
  • page 181 - Cahokia Monks Mound Birdman : Mystery of Official Cahokia Logo Tablet and Monks Mound [#37]
  • page 183 - Cahokia Monks Mound : The Missing Heart[#38]
  • page 185 - Cahokia at the Heartland of Ancient Native America! [#39]
  • page 189 - Cahokia Birdman Tablet Has Sky Map Etched on the Stone Surface: The Crosshatch Back Side Diagonals Each Marked Six Degrees of the Heavens: The Birdman was Surely the "Astronomer Surveyor Priest" [#40]
  • page 195 - The Winterville Mississippi Mounds Mark Theta Aurigae at Mound A and Nearby Stars in Auriga Lower than the Upper Toltec Mounds Star Menkalinan [#41]
  • page 198 - Marksville Emerald Mound and 46 Locations in Louisiana and Mississippi Mark Stars of Auriga: The Indian Trail Natchez Trace Thus Followed Edge of the Milky Way [#42]
  • page 202 - Moundville Earth Mounds near Tuscaloosa Alabama Mark Stars of Perseus [#43]
  • page 205 - The Shelton Stone Mound Complex Group 2 near Jacksonville Alabama Marks Stars of Perseus [#44]
  • page 208 - The Shelton Stone Mound Complex Group 1Marks Stars of What We Today Call Camelopardalis Above Perseus [#45]
  • page 209 - Shelton Stone Mound Complex Group 3 near Jacksonville Alabama Marks the Pleiades and Stars of Aries [#46]
  • page 210 - Flinders Petrie and the Shelton Mound Wall and Boulder Complex Groups 12 3 Together as a Weaver & Vertical Warp-Weighted Backstrap-Type Loom [#47]
  • page 217 - The Bottle Creek Mounds North of Mobile Alabama Mark the Stars of the Pleiades [#48]
  • page 219 - Ancient Mounds of the Florida Peninsula Mark the Stars of Cetus -- Crystal River Mounds, Horr's Island (now the "other" Key Marco), Miami Circle and More [#49]
  • page 224 - Crystal River Mounds of the Crystal River Archaeological State Park in Florida Mark Stars at the Head of Cetus [#50]
  • page 226 - Crystal River Mounds Megalith (Stela #1) Deciphered [#51]
  • page 233 - The "Next" Great Google Earth Image Mystery [#52]
  • page 235 - Brickell Point Miami Circle Florida as a Sky Map[#53 - #57]
  • page 245 - Miami Circle, Nazca, Northern Hemisphere Sky Map, Aztec Calendar Stone, Izapa Stela 5, Google Earth Mystery [#58]
  • page 255 - Location of Next Google Earth Image Mystery Image [#59]
  • page 258 - The Fact Avoidance Syndrome in Mainstream Science
  • page 258 - Nazca (Nasca) Mystery Image as Anthropomorphic Cupule Marking of Stars of Andromeda and Pisces on Earth [#60]
  • page 264 - About the Author
The next posting has the Table of Contents for Volume 2 of Sky Earth Native America.

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Sky Earth Native America

Sky Earth Native America 1:
American Indian Rock Art Petroglyphs Pictographs
Cave Paintings Earthworks & Mounds as Land Survey & Astronomy
Volume 1, Edition 2, 266 pages, by Andis Kaulins.

  • Sky Earth Native America 2:
    American Indian Rock Art Petroglyphs Pictographs
    Cave Paintings Earthworks & Mounds as Land Survey & Astronomy
    Volume 2, Edition 2, 262 pages, by Andis Kaulins.

  • Both volumes have the same cover except for the labels "Volume 1" viz. "Volume 2".
    The image on the cover was created using public domain space photos of Earth from NASA.


    Both book volumes contain the following basic book description:
    "Alice Cunningham Fletcher observed in her 1902 publication in the American Anthropologist
    that there is ample evidence that some ancient cultures in Native America, e.g. the Pawnee in Nebraska,
    geographically located their villages according to patterns seen in stars of the heavens.
    See Alice C. Fletcher, Star Cult Among the Pawnee--A Preliminary Report,
    American Anthropologist, 4, 730-736, 1902.
    Ralph N. Buckstaff wrote:
    "These Indians recognized the constellations as we do, also the important stars,
    drawing them according to their magnitude.
    The groups were placed with a great deal of thought and care and show long study.
    ... They were keen observers....
    The Pawnee Indians must have had a knowledge of astronomy comparable to that of the early white men."
    See Ralph N. Buckstaff, Stars and Constellations of a Pawnee Sky Map,
    American Anthropologist, Vol. 29, Nr. 2, April-June 1927, pp. 279-285, 1927.
    In our book, we take these observations one level further
    and show that megalithic sites and petroglyphic rock carving and pictographic rock art in Native America,
    together with mounds and earthworks, were made to represent territorial geographic landmarks
    placed according to the stars of the sky using the ready map of the starry sky
    in the hermetic tradition, "as above, so below".
    That mirror image of the heavens on terrestrial land is the "Sky Earth" of Native America,
    whose "rock stars" are the real stars of the heavens, "immortalized" by rock art petroglyphs, pictographs,
    cave paintings, earthworks and mounds of various kinds (stone, earth, shells) on our Earth.
    These landmarks were placed systematically in North America, Central America (Meso-America) and South America
    and can to a large degree be reconstructed as the Sky Earth of Native America."

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