Friday, August 19, 2011

Nature News Newest DNA Data: Neanderthals Interbred With Modern Humans: New DNA Data Throws Your Average So-Called Scientist Into Warp Mode

Only a couple of years ago, the mass of the uncritical academic community was abuzz with all kinds of theories about Neanderthal man and how he had not interbred with modern man. At the National Geographic the absurd and despicable theory was even given credence by publication that Neanderthals had disappeared because the predecessors of modern man had eaten them: Last of the Neanderthals. This was the ridiculous buzz of the many incompetents in the archaeological field, an incompetence which pervades the industry.

We did not join that buzz, because we were certain the theory of non-interbreeding was wrong. We do not just hop on and join the ride of every idiot theory that the mainstream archaeological and anthropological community produces.

The amount of absolute junk that was written about this topic by so-called reputable mainstream scientists would fill volumes. Is there any way to create a database of these people and suggest to them all that they go dig for coal in Siberia rather than clutter the academic journals and online postings with their nonsense?

Nature News at Ancient DNA reveals secrets of human history now writes:
"Barely a year after the publication of the genomes of Neanderthals1 and of an extinct human population from Siberia2, scientists are racing to apply the work to answer questions about human evolution and history that would have been unfathomable just a few years ago.

The past months have seen a swathe of discoveries, from details about when Neanderthals and humans interbred, to the important disease-fighting genes that humans now have as a result of those trysts."

[Ancient World Blog note: the new DNA data would have been "unfathomable" only to the uncritical mainstream, who blindly accept everything thrown at them by the oft uninformed authority of their purported but often greatly misled so-called "superiors", who are often nothing more than stuffed shirts in a business suit.]

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