Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Brickell Point Miami Circle in Florida is an Ancient Sky Map: Decipherment Image 1 in Color

We now have finished an extremely difficult, but in result and consequences -- important -- decipherment of the Miami Circle at Brickell Point in Miami, Florida, U.S.A., a decipherment which is substantially revised from one we made ca. a decade ago, for reasons given in the text explanation to this image, which will be presented at the end of this series of postings.

Because of the large size of the multiple graphic images, we have divided this posting into several postings so that, for example, readers who can not access the large color decipherment images can presumably access the black and white images, which use far less memory. In either case, click on the images to see them in actual size since they appear in reduced size in the blog postings.

The first Miami Circle posting -- the present posting -- is the basic color decipherment 2015, which will be followed by the second Miami Circle posting with the decipherment 2015 in black and white, followed by several more postings showing "wider" explanatory images.

The main explanatory text will thus be posted at the close of this series of postings and separately from the images. There is no alternative since the images take so much memory.

We examined as many online photographs online as we could find. This decipherment relies primarily on our tracing of the dots and marks found on a photograph at the non-profit Archaeological and Historical Conservancy, Inc. ["AHC"], 4800 SW 64th Ave Suite 107, Davie, FL 33014, found at at Their Miami Circle photograph is found online at Take a look at it and consult it when examining our decipherment.

We have no affiliation with AHC or Menotrix and publish our decipherment of the Miami Circle via that photograph as "fair use", especially because it is essential to show that we are using actual and not imagined dots or marks.


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The Great Mound, Petroglyph and Painted Rock Art Journey of Native America

The Brickell Point Miami Circle in Florida is an Ancient Sky Map: Decipherment Image 1 in Color

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