Saturday, October 01, 2016

Stonehenge Deciphered by Andis Kaulins

This is the first in a number of postings of a new decipherment of Stonehenge. You will very likely never see Stonehenge with the same eyes again.

We show here two decipherment images of Stonehenge from the air, the second is 180° turned, and it is ESSENTIAL to look at that second image, because you will never see Stonehenge the same again, never....and that second view will dispel some doubts you may have after viewing the first image.... Make sure you see the "head" explanation.... which resolves many outstanding questions about Stonehenge, its completion, and design....

Thereafter we shall be presenting numerous of our own photographs of Stonehenge, detailing the decipherment with text-labeled explanatory photos.

This decipherment supersedes our previous Stonehenge work, which was based on limited photographs of others prior to the year 2005.

In 2005 we traveled to England and took our own comprehensive photographs on site, photographing Stonehenge 360° around the entire circle. It has taken us 11 years, off and on, to complete the evaluation and decipherment.

These first two aerial decipherment images are dedicated to the memory of my father, Arvids Kaulins, who would have turned 102 years of age today, had he lived that long. Rest in peace.

Decipherment of Stonehenge: 1 of 2 -- make sure you look at the 2nd image and find the large head (read the small label at the top left of image 2).... which makes much commentary superfluous.... 

Decipherment of Stonehenge: 2 of 2 - Look at the whole image as a head facing right .... this is the view that the ancients intended, with greetings!

The photographs that follow show the Stonehenge standing (and fallen or not fallen) stone Sarsens from many perspectives and analyze individual megaliths as well. Essentially, the "head" you see above is the "design" that the ancients intended. All the rest of the idle speculation by mainstream scholars and other writers can be archived as curiosities....

Although we do not know him personally, we must make special mention of Nicholas R. Mann and his book Avebury Cosmos. Taking note of the galactic understanding presented there of the importance of the Milky Way ca. 5000 years ago, we were previously able to decipher the Avebury Henge Circle standing stones, and we published our decipherments of Avebury Stone #10 previously at this blog.

We then applied that "galactic" knowledge taken from Avebury to the Stonehenge sarsens, presuming that a similar astronomical system of orientation had been followed throughout the centuries and millennia.

And so it is.

Make sure you look at our photographs as we post them over coming weeks.

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    Both book volumes contain the following basic book description:
    "Alice Cunningham Fletcher observed in her 1902 publication in the American Anthropologist
    that there is ample evidence that some ancient cultures in Native America, e.g. the Pawnee in Nebraska,
    geographically located their villages according to patterns seen in stars of the heavens.
    See Alice C. Fletcher, Star Cult Among the Pawnee--A Preliminary Report,
    American Anthropologist, 4, 730-736, 1902.
    Ralph N. Buckstaff wrote:
    "These Indians recognized the constellations as we do, also the important stars,
    drawing them according to their magnitude.
    The groups were placed with a great deal of thought and care and show long study.
    ... They were keen observers....
    The Pawnee Indians must have had a knowledge of astronomy comparable to that of the early white men."
    See Ralph N. Buckstaff, Stars and Constellations of a Pawnee Sky Map,
    American Anthropologist, Vol. 29, Nr. 2, April-June 1927, pp. 279-285, 1927.
    In our book, we take these observations one level further
    and show that megalithic sites and petroglyphic rock carving and pictographic rock art in Native America,
    together with mounds and earthworks, were made to represent territorial geographic landmarks
    placed according to the stars of the sky using the ready map of the starry sky
    in the hermetic tradition, "as above, so below".
    That mirror image of the heavens on terrestrial land is the "Sky Earth" of Native America,
    whose "rock stars" are the real stars of the heavens, "immortalized" by rock art petroglyphs, pictographs,
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